Content &
Communication Management

SOCIFY is a comprehensive Content and Communication Management System perfected for convenient management of Facebook Pages.

Publishing, dialogue and teamwork

SOCIFY unites ingenious tools for publishing, dialogue management, teamwork, ticketing and evaluation

Global Pages / Parent / Child

SOCIFY is optimized for the use of Facebook Global Pages and/or Facebook Locations (Parent/Child - Solutions) and makes your daily communication as smooth as possible.

SaaS or Inhouse-Hosting

SOCIFY is available as SaaS - Solution with servers in Germany or as a tailored installation for your server environment, providing maximum flexibility and data security.

adapted to daily use!

SOCIFY was invented to meet the practical needs of community managers of Parent Company's and was optimized for Facebook.



Plan ahead and time-control your post, pictures, videos or offers for one or multiple Facebook Pages.

An outstanding Publishing Workflow with different levels of authorization and roles (four or six Eye-principle) supports your high standards of teamwork, corporate compliance and quality management. With the help of our Content Pool you can provide personalized contents for your stores, agencies and franchisees without losing control over CI-/CD- Guidelines.

  • Publishing of text, pictures, links, videos or offers
  • Publishing on single or multiple Pages and Categories
  • Publishing - Workflow with different levels of authorization (four and six Eye-principle)
  • Time controlled content
  • Content-Pool by categories
  • Content-Planning and updates for single, multiple or all of your Pages including a calendar view


Dialogue Management

Don't miss a single opportunity of doing business with potential customers. With SOCIFY you can manage and view all Chats, Comments, Ratings and Post of your fans! Independent of your location - be in your office, your department stores, or let your agents and franchisees manage it.

With neatly arranged dashboards and our comprehensive Filter-Tools you stay on top of things. Influencer and Trolls are easily identified with the help of our classification system. Adjustable Dialogue templates and a integrated Ticketing-System with CRM-Function offers exceptional Customer-support and fast reaction times on a daily basis.

  • Monitoring and Answering of your Post, Community Post, Messages and Feedback
  • Neatly arranged Dashboard and a comprehensive Filter-Tool for all Content and Messages
  • Administration of Content and Messages, see Likes, Comments, and SPAM - warnings.
  • Adjustable Dialogue templates for Customer support and Corporate Language Guidelines
  • Dialogue history as seen by the Consumer
  • Email and text messages (optional) with representative functions and Holiday planning
  • Ticketing system with alert and escalation warnings


Page Management

SOCIFY latches on smoothly to your Facebook Business Manager and allows you to have central access control.

Maintain the overview of CI/CD and if needed change Profile and Cover pictures with Batch-processing. With the help of our integrated Logs you can follow all changes to page information, opening times and descriptions.

  • All Page information can be updated and edited from one location
  • Management of Profile & Cover Pictures , Batch processing for multiple or single pages
  • Profile & Cover picture templates
  • "Change Log" monitoring all changes on page information on an Admin-Level
  • Restoration of all changed page information is possible


Statistical evaluations and Charts

SOCIFY helps show all important KPIs at a glance and monitors changes and progress on Posts, Pages or organisation units.

  • Statistics for pages and post
  • Statistics for support and reaction times
  • Statistics of activity on Admin-Levels
  • Facebook Insights for every Page


Technological features

SOCIFY uses state of the art technology and supports the newest Facebook API and is 100% compatible with the Facebook Business Manager. With real time updates your information is always on the newest level. The modern and handy Responsive Design lets you work from different devices and on the go. (Tablet, Phone, Laptop, ...) Through our Cluster Hosting SOCIFY offers high performance and maximum reliability.

  • 100% Kompatibilität zu Facebook API 2.9
  • 100% Kompatibilität zu Facebook Business Manager
  • Realtime Update System (RTU)
  • Responsive Design für alle Geräte
  • Mobiles Infosystem für Android und iOS
  • Hochleistungs Cluster mit maximaler Verfügbarkeit und Performance
  • Inhouse Hosting auf Ihrer Infrastruktur möglich

Data Privacy

Your Data is stored in our German data center and is secured under The Federal Data Protection Act. (German BDSG)

FAQ and Support

SOCIFY offers an extensive FAQ and a neatly arranged support function for your internal communication. Quickly and easily give employees all the important information they need for their daily work. Provide them with information concerning changes and updates.


"Change logs" for you safety. You can always check who, where and what has been changed, posted or answered.


Functions of SOCIFY

One Solution for multiple fields of application

Facebook Locations (Parent/Child)

Retail Companies, Financial Service Providers, Restaurant chains, Companies and Organisations with retail chains/franchises that want to manage multiple Facebook Pages from one or multiple locations in combination with "Facebook Locations" (Parent/Child).

Global Pages

SOCIFY is optimized for companies and organisations with global structure, central and de-central administration that are normally connected with "Facebook Global Pages".

Location independent organisation

SOCIFY is suitable for Businesses & Organisations with agencies and branch offices with central and location independent administration. For example insurance agencies, banks or staffing agencies.

Companies , Organisations and Agencies

SOCIFY enables efficient and high performance work for Companies and Organisations with a large amount of Facebook Pages, examples would be PR, Advertisement or Communication - Agencies.


SOCIFY offers an exceptional license-based model priced according to the number of Facebook Pages you would like to manage.
We will gladly present you an individual offer based on your needs.


Interested ? We will gladly present the features and possibilities available with SOCIFY.

Thank you for your inquiry, we will process it as soon as possible and get back to you. Please recommend us !

We treat all your Data with the utmost confidentiality and only for its intended purpose. All employees working with your personal data are trained accordingly and are obligated to Data Secrecy after the Federal Data Protection Act. ( § 5 of the FDPA ) Through technical and organizational measures we meet the requirements of the FDPA on security of Data Secrecy.


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